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This screen allows you to adjust various emulation settings for the AbsoluteTelnet application, as follows:

This screen allows you to adjust various emulation settings for the AbsoluteTelnet application, as follows:

Backspace Mapping This option maps either the backspace (BS) key or the Delete (DEL) key for backspacing on the terminal.

Screen Size This option allows you to configure specific row and column size settings. This setting automatically updates, when you stretch or shrink the terminal window with the mouse.

Mousing The mousing option gives you the ability to specify how the application reacts when it is in the focus of the mouse. If "Windows Mousing" is checked, then the user must click on the application window to to gain focus. However, if "X Mousing" is checked, the application automatically recieves focus when the mouse is over it. It will then accept keyboard input.

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I've tried lots of different telnet/ssh clients, and I have two long-time favorites: Putty and Absolute Telnet. Putty, because it's such a quick download that on someone else's machine i can run it without going through an install, and it runs ssh. But for my own machine, the only choice is Absolute Telnet. It stores my password, terminal appearance and connection settings so that it's literally 2 seconds from clicking the icon to being logged in to my remote ssh accounts. It's incredibly customizeable, but not overwhelmingly so. I hardly ever pay for software (I'm embarassed to say), but I like Absolute Telnet so much I've paid for the full version and I'm glad I did. It's important to note that this software is maintained by one guy, Brian Pence, who personally answers people's questions on his online forum and answers email inquiries (he's answered a couple of mine, and always been really helpful). I gotta say, you hardly ever get this kind of commitment and personal touch in software anymore. --Ben Wheeler