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AbsoluteTelnet has strong scrollback capability. You can access history as far back as you like, much further than traditional telnet applications. The scroll bar on the right side of the terminal window is enabled by default. It can be toggled in the appearance options menu.


Normal text selections can be made using the left mouse button to click and drag the selection. Additionally, rectangular selections can be made by holding down the alt key prior to making the selection.

If the mouse moves out of the terminal window during a drag operation, the terminal window will automatically scroll (either up or down) to allow selection of sections that span off the screen.

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I switched to AbsoluteTelnet after getting very frustrated with PCXWare approximately two years ago. PCXWare was a very "heavy" application that took a long time to load and also conflicted with other desktop applications such as Lotus Notes, resulting in frequent GPFs. I'm very pleased with AbsoluteTelnet. It is easy to use, is quite robust, is not a heavy application, and does not conflict with any of my other desktop applications. -- Ron Menich - Talus Solutions