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Proxy Options

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This screen allows you to adjust the proxy settings for the current connection file. If you have a proxy server available, make sure it supports Socks 4 proxy. Check with your system administrators to be sure. Enter the hostname or IP address of the proxy server in this dialog.

*WARNING* There is a limitation in the Socks 4 protocol that requires you to know the IP address of the host you are connecting to (in the Connection tab) or your computer must be able to resolve the ip address from the hostname without the proxy. You can try pinging the hostname from the command line to see if the address is resolved accurately. If it is, you can use the hosname in the Connection tab. If it is not, you *must* use the IP address. Socks 5 (not yet implemented) resolves the problem by allowing the proxy server to resolve the hostname to an IP address itself.

Socks 4 Proxy
  • "Use proxy" - When checked, the proxy setup boxes are enabled.
  • "Host" - Enter the proxy IP address here.
  • "Port" - Enters the proxy port here.
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