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This screen allows you to adjust various appearance settings for the AbsoluteTelnet application as well as individual connection files, as follows:

Color This section allows you to modify the color settings within the application. The "Foreground" and "Background" buttons bring up a standard Windows color paletes. These choices are saved in the connection configuration file. If you press the "Save Default" button, the default colors for the entire application are set from the color scheme you have chosen for this particular connection file.

When the application is first run, "Use Windows Defaults" is the only option enabled. However, after editing foreground and/or background settings, you can select from any of the following:

  • "Use Connection Colors" - This option enables the individual color scheme the you have setup for the connection.
  • "Use Color Cycling" - This option causes the application to cycle through your defined color schemes, every time you load the connection.
  • "Use Application Defaults" - This option loads the application default colors, bypassing the connection's individual color settings. This option is only enabled after pressing the "Save Default" button.
  • "Use Windows Defaults" - By selecting this, the application uses the current Windows color settings.

Display Options
  • "Tool Bar" - Enables some convenient buttons on the tool bar above the emulation window.
  • "Status Bar" - Enables the application to display connection statistics below the emulation window.
  • "Scroll Bar" - If checked, the scroll bar on the right side of this main window appears and is enabled. This allows you to scroll and review historical commands, etc.

Font By clicking on the "Font" button, you can set the default font type and size, displayed in the application.
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