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If you've already installed a prior version of AbsoluteTelnet/SSH, this download will upgrade you to 12.13.  If you purchased a pro license in the past, you get one year of upgrades FREE!! Additional upgrades can be purchased for a reduced price.

AbsoluteTelnet Telnet, SSH, and SFTP 12.13


  • FIX for SSH agent forwarding that was breaking on some servers without any error or explanation
  • FIX for ASCII file transfer over SFTP that was truncating some characters
  • Strict KEX to prevent Terrapin vulnerability (See TERRAPIN)
  • Increased compatibility with newer Cisco switches
  • Support for SHA2 in authentication keys, plus RFC-8308 support so we know when to use them.
    • Around Openssh 8.8, default behavior is to stop supporting SHA1 signatures in authentication by default, so this is required moving forward.
  • Support for OpenSSH ETM MACs
  • Numerous bug fixes and subtle improvements
  • Fixes problem introduced in 11.41 'classic' interface
  • Fix for port forwarding bug introduced in 11.39



    SITE  Version Architecture Download LINK
    Celestial Software 12.1364/32-bit   This version is suitable for most Windows installations.  NOTE: If you use AbsoluteTelnet/SSH VBScript scripting under 64-bit windows, you will need to download and install the 32-bit only version below.  Microsoft does not support VBScript in 64-bit applications Click Here to download
     Celestial Software 12.1332-bit only  If you need to use VBScript scripting for login scripts or other scripting automation, choose this to install 32-bit AbsoluteTelnet/SSH under both 32 and 64 bit versions of windowsClick Here to download


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I switched to AbsoluteTelnet after getting very frustrated with PCXWare approximately two years ago. PCXWare was a very "heavy" application that took a long time to load and also conflicted with other desktop applications such as Lotus Notes, resulting in frequent GPFs. I'm very pleased with AbsoluteTelnet. It is easy to use, is quite robust, is not a heavy application, and does not conflict with any of my other desktop applications. -- Ron Menich - Talus Solutions