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TOPIC: Multiple Tabbed Startup
Multiple Tabbed Startup 15 Years, 10 Months ago  
Hi, don't know if I have wasted my time or not but this is what I have done to avoid an obstacle I found.

I wanted to be able to double-click on a short cut and the application simutaneously open up multiple tabs which all have my own settings.

After I went and configured all my tabs, saved them as a config file, closed the app and then opened my config file. I found that my settings were all lost apart from the screen I was tabbed to when I saved my session.

What I soon discovered was that if I create my 6 different config files (seperate .tnt files) and open them 1 by 1, they attach to my current exe and ultimately end up the way I wanted.

Seeing as though I am very lazy and want my 6 different sessions opened for me by default, I created a batch file to do the work for me:

@echo off
start term_1.tnt
start term_2.tnt
start term_3.tnt
start term_4.tnt
start term_5.tnt
start term_6.tnt

I drop these 7 files (6x .tnt's & 1x .bat) in my program folder and create a shortcut to the batch file.

Other than a little bit of screen flicker as it opens and resizes all my tabs, this works a treat!

Again, apologies if someone has already posted this or a much easier solution, but this is what works for me :-)



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Re: Multiple Tabbed Startup 15 Years, 9 Months ago  
Thanks for the tip, Dan. That's a good way to do it. I hope to add similar functionality in the future, calling it 'tab groups' or 'workspaces' so you can save a set of tabs and re-load them as a set.

The only thing I might add to your script is to sleep a couple of seconds following the first call to give Absolute long enough to start and receive the subsequent calls. Otherwise, if the timing doesn't work out just right, you may end up with multiple instances running, each with a few of your tabs open.

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