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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History

AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History - Version 6

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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History
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Changes made in version 6.28(Apr 14, 2008)
  • Add new legacy character set translations (CP850, CP852, CP855, CP857)
  • SFTP now honors the download directory setting in the Options->Properties->Transfer tab as the initial directory for the SFTP dialog.
  • Change screen resize methods so you don't lose the cursor off the bottom of the screen when you resize the window or switch between maximized/restored state.
  • Fixed bug in the tabbed interface when the tabs span multiple lines
  • Fixed bug that corrupted the display under certain low memory conditions
  • Fixed crash when you shutdown the app
  • Fixed dialup so that it selects the proper dialup device
  • Add updates to make in run in Win98 and below

Changes made in version 6.12(Feb 4, 2008)

  • Fixed an issue where the bell was sounding when it shouldn't
  • Fixed toolbar on Pocket PC so that the connect/disconnect buttons are visible again
  • Fixed ZModem so that the shell prompt is correctly displayed following a transfer
  • Fixed ZModem so that window focus is restored to the command line following a transfer
  • Enhance double-buffering by attempting to allocate the background drawing buffer with CreateDIBSection when CreateCompatibleBitmap fails.
  • Change the way focus is maintained when navigating from tab to tab. Doing this the wrong way was causing Absolute to become out of sync with the selected language in the Windows language bar status window.
  • Fix xmodem-send (broken in version 5)
  • Fix crash that can be caused by improperly loading a keymap
  • Re-enable drag/drop file transfer for zmodem
  • Fixed resource leak

Changes made in version 6.01(Nov 15, 2007)

  • Added integrated SFTP client
  • Reduce requested buffer size to enhance compatibility with embedded sftp servers like SFTPTools that don't like larger buffer sizes
  • Remapping the num-lock key now prevents it from toggling the numlock state.
  • Added Wyse keyboard locking
  • Added Wyse60 host defined function keys
  • Fixed bug when choosing country code for dialup connections f
  • Fixed some compatibility problems in Wyse60 emulation
  • Fixed drag scrolling

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I really like all of the features it has. I mostly use it to telnet to my remote boxes that I oversee including the total control and a few packet shapers we have on our local isp. GOOD JOB !!! ;) -- Larry Thibodeaux - Internet Coordinator - CommuniComm Services