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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History

AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History - Version 5

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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History
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Changes made in version 5.49(bugfix)

  • Fixed unexpected crash
  • Properly initialize the xterm 256-color default colormap
  • Other bug fixes and UI enhancements

Changes made in version 5.44(Jun 14, 2007)

  • Added support for additional UI languages (German, French, Russian, Norweigan, Portuguese, Hungarian) to add to the existing ones (English, Chinese simplified)
  • Pocket PC version now in Beta. Pocket PC now supports telnet, ssh1, and ssh2 connections using publickey or password authentication.
  • Added option to passthru printing to allow printing to a serial port. While most useful on Pocket PC, this option can also be used on the PC if necessary. This option includes the ability to do bidirectional communication on the serial port to allow host applications to read from devices that may have built-in barcode scanners or mag-stripe readers.
  • Added RFC2782 compliant SRV record lookup to augment DNS resolution
  • Added an option to allow the user to pick how to populate the username field. Choices are to use the Windows username, last-used username, or leave blank.
  • Enhanced support for Unicode data to include surrogates, Arabic shaping, and characters outside of the BMP, including those needed for GB18030 encoding
  • Added support for Unicode 5.0
  • Changed the way the default Asian font is selected
  • Changed the way screen resizing is handled to prevent loss of data on tabs that are not the foreground tab.
  • Fixed a bug in passthru printing
  • Fixed GB18030 parsing to handle the 4-byte sequences
  • Fixed a bug in SSH1 where certain error messages were not being displayed when necessary
  • Fixed SCOANSI emulation bug
  • Fixed a problem with telnet option negotiation
  • Fixed a problem where a restricted Windows user would be prompted to set the default telnet or ssh client every time they run the program, regardless of their answer to the prompt.

Changes made in version 5.35(Jan 17, 2007)

  • Tabbed Interface
  • Add option to edit global defaults. Previously, you could only save and delete them.
  • Add 'New Window' in addition to 'New Tab'. Make sure new tabs open in proper window
  • Add option to the .tnt right-click context menu to 'open in a new window' instead of the default action of opening in the existing window
  • Add ctrl-tab and shift-ctrl-tab to cycle through tabs
  • Add timed update to tiled preview window
  • Add feature to allow you to drag and drop a .tnt file onto the window where you want it to open
  • Add keyboard interface to tabbed preview pane. Can now use arrow keys (left, right, up, down) and enter key to select.
  • Enhance SSH agent forwarding to also work with dsa keys
  • Change overstrike from a slider to a checkbox. Only one level of overstrike looks good anyway. Default overstrike changes from 0 to 1.
  • Change default font size from 8 to 12. With today's large displays, 8 rarely is large enough any more.
  • Default the username to the current Windows username. Previously, this was defaulted to blank.
  • Repositioned the font name and size dropdowns on the toolbar. They are usually placed a little too high.
  • Moved the terminal size options from the vtoptions page to the appearance page and changed the description of the 'fixed size' option. It now reads:
    When the user changethe window size:
    (o) Scale font, keep rows and columns FIXED
    ( ) Automatically change rows and columns
  • Combined gssapi-keyex and gssapi-with-mic methods into one and renamed it to 'GSSAPI (ActiveDirectory, Kerberos, NTLM)' Internally, both gssapi-keyex and gssapi-with-mic are used whenever suppported by the server
  • Added a flag to control credential delegation in GSSAPI mode.
  • Add handler for ssh: urls so they can be opened in IE and FireFox. Prompt user to allow AbsoluteTelnet to be the default app for ssh.\
  • Fix Absolute so URLs starting with telnet: and ssh: open a new tab in the running app when using the tabbed interface
  • Modified host key validation for SSH1 and SSH2 to be port specific. This way, you can run servers on different ports and store each key separately in your list of 'know hosts'.
  • Close logfile when tab is closed
  • Change the way screen dimensions are 'remembered' . Now, remembers the actual screen dimensions instead of terminal rows/cols and font size.
  • Add full-screen and maximized-screen to the attributes that are remembered and restored across sessions
  • Fix incompatibility with Windows powertoy task-switcher
  • Fix problem where focus switches when a tab closes even if it wasn't the one you were looking at.
  • Fix shutdown prompts
  • Fix a crash in SSH1 that happens if the connection dies before you are able to login.
  • Fix problem that caused desktop icons to redraw
  • Fix 'fullscreen' to work properly with multiple tabs
  • Fix serial connections so they work in multi-tabbed interface
  • Fix ssh2 under win98
  • Fix handle leak when reading serial ports
  • Fix handle leak in zmodem dialog
  • Fix compatibility issues with Win95
  • Fix crash when trying to open URLs that are too long.
  • Fixed a few minor emulation bugs
  • Fixed bug when sending large files from client to host. App would freeze although transfer is still in progress.

Changes made in version 5.01(Oct 20, 2006)

  • Tabbed Interface
  • Support for gssapi authentication (gssapi-with-mic and gssapi-keyex)
  • IPV6 Support
  • Add support for text requiring RightToLeft reading order

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