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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History - Version 2

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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History
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Changes made in version 2.13(July 15, 2003)

  • Added password authentication to socks proxy
  • Added socks support to SSH1 connections
  • Enhanced support for 8-bit input data
  • Added better support for Microsoft IME and multinational keyboard input
  • Added 'global' default settings (see Options->Properties->Global)
  • Enhancements to work better with VMS
  • Added support for ssh.com style private keys
  • Fixed bug with encrypted private keys introduced in 2.12
  • 'Remember Position' now remembers maximized state
  • Fixed xterm function keys
  • Fixed SSH2 stuttering problem
  • Fixed serial communication with some USB/Serial adapters
  • EMacs-meta key now only applies to left-alt, as right-alt is interpreted as alt-gr on international keyboards

Changes made in version 2.12(Feb 28, 2003)

  • Main window title text now supports unicode strings
  • Fixed title bar text for Win9x versions
  • Plaintext passwords now scrubbed from memory
  • Fixed bug where the CR-CR/LF toggle reverts to its default state
  • Pace the pastes a little bit to try to avoid losing data
  • Now includes RSA host key recognition
  • Correctly decode some malformed telnet URL syntax
  • Added decode of user:pass portion of telnet URL syntax
  • Added ssh, ssh1, and ssh2 URL syntax decoding (similar to (telnet://) syntax
  • Convert hyphen to ASCII minus. (only for display)
  • Detect UTF8 encoded data and suggest translation settings to the user.
  • Added Options->Reset Terminal function
  • Added Twofish128-cbc encryption algorithm to SSH2
  • Added AES128-cbc encryption algorithm to SSH2
  • Add option to include delay when pasting data (Options->Properties->Transfer)
  • Add option to write log in 'cooked' mode where control sequences are processed (Options->Properties->Global)

Changes made in version 2.11(Dec 30, 2002)

  • Support for various Windows version of charsets in translation settings.
  • Fixed crash on receipt of malformed telnet option
  • Completed SSH2 key generation
  • Character translation corrected for CP437 mode with CP437-only fonts.
  • More robust font resizing when maximized and terminal is fixed size.
  • Updated passthru printing to work with Win-printers
  • Passthru printing now supports charset translation.

Changes made in version 2.00(Nov 4, 2002)

  • Added 'direct to printer' setting for passthru printing
  • Increased compatibility with SSH Communications server implementation
  • Better compatibility with multi-monitor system.
  • Fixed the gap to the right and bottom of the screen when maximized.
  • Added support for UNICODE and multinational character set translations including several Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean encodings in addition to all of the ISO-8859 encodings and UTF8
  • Added e-macs compatibility mode that allows the alt key to act as the e-macs meta key.
  • Ctrl-space now sends a null character (for emacs)
  • Added keyboard re-mapping to allow complete remapping of any key combination!!! (a frequently requested feature)
  • Added QNX emulation
  • Added SCO-ANSI emulation
  • Added a counter to the X11 forwarding info dialog under SSH2
  • Fixed some double-wide/double-high font display problems
  • Disable keepalives by default. Keepalives were *causing* problems in some cases. They're still there, if needed but will need to be enabled by the user.
  • Fixed a screen refresh bug where screen would not refresh after returning to normal video after reverse video.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing print screen to fail with some bad printer drivers
  • Fixed a pasting problem in 'telnet' connections where some data would be lost in the paste
  • Fixed support for passthru printing
  • Fixed SCOANSI linedraw mode (RC27)
  • Ignore some more escape sequences from SCOANSI mode (RC28)
  • Paste now follows CR mapping rules (RC28)
  • Fixed spacing of unicode characters defined as being 'ambiguous' in width. They sometimes appear full width and sometimes half, depending on the context in which they are used. (RC29)
  • Fixed copy/paste (RC30)
  • Fixed file/open bug (RC35)
  • Fully disable zlib compression library when compression level set to 'NONE'
  • Removed debug messages from File->Copy function.
  • Added native support for many of the charset translations without requiring OS support
  • Fixed blinking text on fast updating screens. (RC40)
  • Brighten up the ansi colors a bit (RC41)


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