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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History - Version 1

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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History
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Changes made in version 1.84(Mar 28, 2002)

  • Fixed tty modes with BSDi host.
  • Fixed some focus and dialog initialization problems in the properties dialogs that have been bugging me for some time.
  • Fixed tabbing problems in global dialog
  • Added references to Online Support Forums in 'Help' menu and in the uninstall dialog
  • Changed 'Close on Disconnect' behavior so it is slightly less agressive about closing. Now, close on disconnect requires that a full connection be established and data is flowing in both directions before the app will even attempt to close when a disconnect is detected. This will alleviate the problem of the app closing immediately when a connection is terminated immediately after connecting.

Changes made in version 1.83(Feb 23, 2002)

  • Some modifications to work with SCO OpenServer
  • Fixed a Major emulation bug

Changes made in version 1.82(Feb 21, 2002)

  • Fixed output flow control that was causing "Would Block" errors under SSH2 on Windows9X machines
  • Fixed xmodem and ymodem receives on all platforms
  • Fixed zmodem incorrectly reporting errors when non occurred
  • Added a configurable download directory

Changes made in version 1.81(Feb 12, 2002)

  • Added "Remember Position" flag.
  • Added option to change the way the program starts
  • Added Keepalives(SSH1, SSH2, and Telnet)
  • Added Public Key authentication for SSH2
  • Fixed ZModem under SSH2.
  • Fixed COM Port disconnection when break detected
  • Fixed XTerm delete key
  • Fixed ANSI function keys
  • Fixed SSH1 and SSH2 to allow auto login via RSA
  • Fixed some double-height/wide font problems.

Changes made in version 1.80(Nov 28, 2001)

  • Fixed SSh2 bug that caused unwanted interractions with other windows

Changes made in version 1.78(Nov 09, 2001)

  • support for XTERM window title change
  • change some application settings to per-user settings. This is particularly important for multi-user machines or Windows "Terminal Sever"
  • Better tab handling
  • Username/password saving and automatic login for SSH1 and SSH2.
  • Option to print in color or Black/White
  • Enhanced indicators in GUI
  • Fixed 'transparent' window background.

Changes made in version 1.77(Sep 16, 2001)

  • XTerm mouse capability
  • Improved function key settings
  • Multiple terminal types
  • Improved xterm emulation,including pgup,pgdn,home,end,insert keys
  • Some support for middle mouse button
  • default username for SSH auth
  • Wheel mouse support
  • Save the username in SSH1 and SSH2 connections
  • Fix a screen resize problem when program is maximized.
  • Added a "Buy Now" button to the toolbar
  • Correctly echo pasted data when "local echo" is enabled.
  • Improved handling of the keypad
  • Fixed a scenario that caused SSH2 sessions to lock up the terminal

Changes made in version 1.75(July 20, 2001)

  • Added SSH1 and SSH2 port forwarding
  • X11 forwarding for SSH1 and SSH2
  • Better SSH server version incompatibility detection
  • Socks5 for SSH2 and Telnet
  • Improved error handling in Telnet protocol
  • No longer dependent on Winsock 2
  • New common dialogs for file open/close on ME and 2000
  • SSH Info dialog under SSH2 protocol
  • Fix for various disconnect errors in SSH2
  • Better support for more SSH server vendors
  • Collect Auth data before connection is established

Changes made in version 1.74 (Jun. 01, 2001)

  • Added more ANSI escape sequences
  • More precise ANSI coloring and IBM graphics characters when using the 'TERMINAL' font. Check here for some samples
  • Autodetect ANSI terminal mode and set some basic ANSI defaults for color, font, and screen size
  • Fixed the parsing of the telnet://host:port URL syntax
  • Send CR/LF pair by default, and make it a user configurable option.
  • changed default foreground/background to white/black
  • Fix for backspacing when local echo is enabled
  • Fixed telnet option negotiation bug that may cause excessive communication with the host and munch processor time.
  • Fixed bug with SSH Port number that limited values to 0-255.
  • Fixed some focus problems in the connection property sheet
  • REMOVED THE ADVERTISING and reconfigured the trial period code.
  • Correct implementation of BREAK in serial connections
  • Corrected File->New Window functionality for AbsoluteTelnet
  • New license key mechanism that does not require a new key when you upgrade the OS or get a new machine!! YAAAYYYY!!!
  • Added SSH2 for improved security over SSH1.

Changes made in version 1.732 (Feb. 28, 2001)

  • Added more escape sequences for additional ANSI compatibility

Changes made in version 1.731 (Feb. 23, 2001)

  • Fixed SSH under NT
  • Fixed SSH double-space pasting problem
  • Add configurable option to enable/disable the setting of the host's "DISPLAY" environment variable under telnet.
  • Fixed interpretation of 8-bit escape characters
  • Fixed improper shutdown of SSH that may cause abnormal program termination when disconnecting from SSH
  • Implemented VT keypad

Changes made in version 1.73 (Jan 30, 2001)

  • Fixed terminal size problem with some UNIX platforms
  • Added a few VT emulation control sequences
  • Fixed SSH buffer problem
  • No longer requires administrator to install on NT

Changes made in version 1.72 (Jan 17, 2001)

  • Fixed Ctrl-C problem introduced in 1.70.

Changes made in version 1.70 (Jan 1, 2001)

  • Added SSH!!! Finally!
  • Fixed Ctrl-Break problem in telnet

Changes made in version 1.63 (June 8, 2000)

  • Fixed "save as" bug introduced in 1.62
  • Other small GUI enhancements and features
  • Fixed exceptions in file transfer

Changes made in version 1.62 (May 10, 2000)

  • Added xmodem, ymodem and zmodem file transfer
  • Handy "New Window" feature to open additional window to current host
  • Drag/Drop file send
  • More accurate line drawing in linedraw mode using any font!!
  • Added option for fixed size screens

Changes made in version 1.61 (March 8, 2000)

  • Added raw COM port connections
  • Added Passthru Printing
  • Made some minor interface enhancements
  • Report connection speed on TAPI connections
  • Added LOCAL ECHO to terminal options
  • Added Session Logging to "File" menu

Changes made in version 1.60

  • Added new VT escape sequences

Changes made in version 1.58 (December 28, 1999)

  • Fixed text attribute/color bug introduced in 1.56

Changes made in version 1.57

  • Fixed cursor bug introduced in 1.56

Changes made in version 1.56 (December 2, 1999)

  • Horizontal Scrollbar
  • Support for E-Registration
  • Support for Site Licenses
  • Fix jittery about box

Changes made in version 1.54 (October 6, 1999)

  • Fix to enumerate all printers
  • Added Copy/Paste combined option
  • Added "Always on top" option

Changes made in version 1.53

  • Address changed for new headquarters.

Changes made in version 1.52 (September 3, 1999)

  • Installation bug fixed.

Changes made in version 1.50

  • Long filenames in title bar
  • Numerous VT100 enhancements
  • Command line execution ('start CSTelnet ')
  • Added InfoTips. (Pass your mouse over a CSTelnet connection file to see one)
  • ANSI Emulation
  • ANSI Color
  • VT52 Emulation
  • Configurable behavior through Global properties tab
  • Different icons for Telnet and Telephony .tnt files
  • True Double High and Double Wide characters with any font
  • Enhanced screen drawing routines
  • New Help File
  • Store selected dialup line and line configuration in connection file
  • More context sensitive help in property sheets
  • Window sizing in Windows 98 fixed
  • Enhanced window sizing routines
  • TAPI MessageBoxes display on top of main window
  • X DISPLAY location negotiation
  • Make CSTelnet the default system telnet
  • Release Candidate (RC) program
  • Version Checking fixed
  • Faster connection using IP Address

Changes made in version 1.40 (November 5, 1998)

  • Introduce CSPing in Windows' context menu
  • Fixed Windows common controls bug introduced by Visual C++ 6.0
  • Automatic version checking introduced
  • Added application default color settings
  • Sample Text displayed correctly
  • Scrollback synchronization fix for dialup
  • NT Screen minimize bug fixed (single column screen size)
  • Implemented HTML Help help system
  • Start application in default location specified by Windows
  • Fix File/Open File/New menu options
  • More context sensitive help in dialogs
  • Resize and Reshape dialogs for uniformity
  • New generic object in about box
  • Some generic dialup modifications
  • Emulation enhancements to support more platforms

Changes made in version 1.30

  • Intermediate unreleased Alpha version
  • Begin using Visual C++ 6.0 and introduced a bug with older versions of Windows common controls.

Changes made in version 1.20

  • Scrollbar/Scrollback synchronization options
  • Property dialog improvements
  • NT TAPI dialup fixed
  • Title bar format adjusted
  • Real BLINKING TEXT implemented
  • VT100 corrections (IBM)
  • Registration enhancements
  • toolbar and menu semantics altered

Changes made in version 1.00 - 1.10

  • Windows Telephony Dialup
  • Automatic upgrade detection
  • Bold Font width problem fixed
  • Self extracting install EXE
  • Secure Licensing
  • Dialog improvements
  • Increased throughput. (4-5 times faster than .57)
  • status bar active/inactive checkbox
  • Screen width no longer limited to 150 columns
  • Color scheme cycling
  • tool bar active/inactive checkbox
  • scroll bar active/inactive checkbox
  • improved scrollback handling
  • new proportional scrollbar
  • File open dialog defaults to last used directory
  • leave out debug property sheet when built for release.
  • Font dialog defaults to current pointsize


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