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The context menu will be displayed when you right-click inside of the AbsoluteTelnet/SSH main window.  Any relevent commands will be available.

This feature is used by right-clicking in the terminal window. It brings up 4 options:
  • "Copy" (CTRL-INS) - This command copies the selected text from the terminal window into the clipboard.
  • "Paste" (SHIFT-INS) - This command pastes the text from the clipboard to the terminal window.
  • "Find" - This enables the user to find text strings within the terminal window.
  • "Find Next" - This finds the next occurrence of the string that was specified with the previous Find command.
Last Updated on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 04:03 am  

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Everything I've ever wanted to configure or customize about how it works, it can. Yet it's not bloated with a bunch of un-necessary features. It has exactly what I need in an SSH and SFTP client, works every time, never crashes, never gives me trouble. Incredibly intuitive, too. Everything is where I'd expect it'd be. Simply brilliant. -- Kelvin