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Carefully read the following End User License Agreement ("EULA"). The EULA is a legal agreement between you the user and Celestial Software for the use of AbsoluteTelnet ("the "Software"). This EULA contains the conditions under which you may use the software as well as warranty and liability disclaimers.
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AbsoluteTelnet Connection Files

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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH stores configuration information in files rather than in the registry.  This gives you the opportunity to see, copy, manipulate, and start connections without having to first load the program.  For example, you can have connections defined on your desktop so you can access them quickly and connect instantly...


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Getting Started

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Congratulations on your choice of AbsoluteTelnet for your one-stop terminal solution. AbsoluteTelnet provides the best and most populer terminal emulations available for any connection type. Whether you're using a serial cable to connect to your Cisco router or using SSH to securely connect to the other side of the globe, AbsoluteTelnet is the terminal for you.
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I switched to AbsoluteTelnet after getting very frustrated with PCXWare approximately two years ago. PCXWare was a very "heavy" application that took a long time to load and also conflicted with other desktop applications such as Lotus Notes, resulting in frequent GPFs. I'm very pleased with AbsoluteTelnet. It is easy to use, is quite robust, is not a heavy application, and does not conflict with any of my other desktop applications. -- Ron Menich - Talus Solutions