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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History - Version 4

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AbsoluteTelnet/SSH Version History
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Changes made in version 4.61(May 12, 2006)

  • Switching between 80/132 columns scales font instead of changing the window size
  • Scale the font during print so that it will fit the width of the page
  • Add print margins (File->Page Setup)
  • Enhance wyse60 emulation
  • Show which com port you're connected to in the status line
  • Add print coalescing to all passthru printing
  • Fixed printing so that various combinations work now (reverse black on white, white on black, reverse white on black, etc)
  • Allow keymapping to map strings larger than 128 characters
  • Don't change the location of the IME status window
  • Fix xterm function keys

Changes made in version 4.51(April 10, 2006)

  • Add smartcard authentication
  • Add authentication agent forwarding for smartcard and file-based RSA authentication
  • Add bubble-help with option to disable.
  • Add code for localization of UI.
  • Add first localized UI (Simplified Chinese)
  • Add support for COM Ports > 9 for all platforms
  • Add variable scrollback size
  • Add support for CTRL-F? function keys in Wyse60 emulation.
  • Add GB18030 character set translation
  • Allow unlimited number of files to be sent using file transfer on XP, 2000, NT, and 2003
  • Convert filename character set according to current translation settings when sending and receiving file from host.
  • Update installer to prompt for language
  • Update installer to allow install by non-priveledged user
  • fix bug in ANSIBBS terminal mode
  • fix compatibility problem with VMS.
  • Allow multiple passthrough prints to coallesce into one print job when using 'direct to printer'
  • Don't try to set tty modes. It's not necessary in most cases and causes problems in some.
  • Add print setup dialog
  • Replace print dialog with Windows standard one
  • Add separate font selections for Asian and non-asian characters
  • Added input translation of carriage returns and linefeeds.
  • Fixed a WYSE60 emulation bug
  • Fixed WYSE60 caret display
  • Fixed WYSE60 key mappings
  • Fixed icon displayed in alt-tab dialog
  • Fixed icon displayed in connection file shortcuts
  • Fixed an xterm emulation bug related to saving and restoring cursor position
  • Fixed MRU list on win95
  • Fixed a SCOANSI bug when clearing screen
  • \Fixed crash caused by trial-period management code.

Changes made in version 4.01(Oct 31, 2005)

  • Added Wyse60 emulation
  • Added fullscreen mode
  • Added option for right-button paste
  • added support for DEC protected areas
  • minor UI enhancements
  • enabled serial port connections for Pocket PC version
  • change the way overstrike mode works (to make it a little less murky).
  • fixed a problem with font handling that was sometimes causing the wrong font to be selected
  • added Korean (ANSI/OEM) character set translation and fixed display on win95 and win98
  • fixed crash on win95 at the end of a zmodem receive
  • Removed hhupd.exe from the install. Makes it smaller and most systems don't need it any more.
  • Fixed a bug in the naming and placement of the ssh_known_hosts file for ssh1.
  • Fixed the font selection combo box in the 'appearance' dialog so it shows Japanese font names properly in Asian Win9x.
  • Revisit Win95 compatibility, which had gotten neglected recently. Who uses Win95 any more?


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