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TOPIC: Scollback buffer questions
Scollback buffer questions 12 Years ago  
I want to save *lots* of history (scrollback size) in some windows. I've been bumping the scrollback size up but I'm not sure I'm getting what I expect

1) When the does the larger scrollback size take effect (immediately? After that session tab is opened? after AT is quit and restarted?).

2) What's the practical limit (memory, diskspace, hardcoded limit) and what would happen if I exceeded it?

3) What does the "Save from Scrolling Regions" setting do?

5) As an alternative (or addition) to a big scrollback buffer, does the "Open Log" just continuously save the scrollback buffer to a file so that *nothing* is lost? And then choose "Close Log" to stop that?
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Re:Scollback buffer questions 12 Years ago  
1) The new scrollback size takes effect immediately.

2) The only practical limit is the amount of virtual memory available from the system. I have used used scrollback sizes in the millions without any problem. Of course, the limitations of every system may vary.

3) 'Save from scrolling regions' affects what goes into the scrollback. When text is added to the bottom of the screen, a line-feed will cause the entire screen to shift up by one, inserting an additional line into the scrollback buffer. This is normal scrolling. Some full-screen applications can define a 'scrolling region' (all or part of the screen) which it can then move (up or down). When scrolling regions are scrolled up, they are not normally inserted into the scrollback, as doing so would clutter the scrollback buffer. 'Save from scrolling regions' changes that behavior and allows the scrolling region data to enter into the scrollback buffer when a user chooses to do so.

5) The Open Log/Close Log captures the RAW data of the session and stores it to a file. There is no limit (other than disk space) of how much it can capture.

I hope that helps!
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